IMG 0950Setting a New Standard - the Composite Apex Body!

A one piece fiberglass body formed and molded to be a light-wieght, ridged platform that can do whatever you want to do, and go where ever you want to go....

Constructed as a single, intigrated body, there's no wood to rott away, no seams to keep sealed, and no worries about what weather you may find youself in.

Fully insulated to our high standards of "all season" camping, our new full composite body delivers insutaled security for all of your adventures.

And when it comes to standrds, options and customizing, all of the regular Apex specifications are available on the composite model.

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Take a moment and be one of the first to take a walk around with Bob as he explains the key points of our new camper design.


And oh yea, he's a little excited about this new trend setting standard. :)