Introducing Our Newest Camper -cust pic o3

The Caribou Lite is the newest camper model from Outfitter.  A low profile and rugged construction are combined to create the lightest popup truck camper Outfitter has ever built. The Caribou lite is built with all the same components and quality of other Outfitter models,  but with a starting price as low as it's profile.

And in keeping with Outfitter's tradition of new innovations in the pop-up truck camper market, the extra low profile of the Caribou lite has a bed design that's a full-sized bed which can expand to a queen-size.  And the new cabinet design is not only comfortable and stylish, it's rugged, durable and lighter weight.  Take a minute and discover the off-roading and 4 wheeling capabilities of the Caribou Lite.

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