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Danny DeVries newest! - Caribou Lite 8

Danny D, professional Angler competing in tournaments like the Bass Masters and featured on shows such as Bass West USA and My Kind of Fishing Show, takes us on a video tour of his latest camping rig - Caribou Lite 8!


Click here to take the tour!


Introducing Our Newest Camper -cust pic o3

The Caribou Lite is the newest camper model from Outfitter.  A low profile and rugged construction are combined to create the lightest popup truck camper Outfitter has ever built. The Caribou lite is built with all the same components and quality of other Outfitter models,  but with a starting price of only $16,720.

IMG 0950Introducing the Composite Apex Body!

It's new for 2014 - our fully composite Apex body.  A one piece body formed and molded to be a light-wieght, ridged platform that can take whatever you want to do, and go where ever you want to go....

Outfitter MFG Announces New Fiberglass Roof

Gordon White | Tuesday, 16 November, 2010


We talk to Brian Ward, Owner of Outfitter Manufacturing, about Outfitter's new fiberglass roof and learn about a few model changes on the horizon. ... ... ...


Sharing the Adventure.Sprite 6

Social networking is a growing phenomenon in today's society.

At least that's what the nightly news keeps saying.