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About Outfitter

Outfitter Manufacturing, Inc. continuously Innovates and embraces advancements in the RV Industry.

Steeped in RV manufacturing tradition, we are committed to delivering the most innovative and well-designed products in the industry. We use only the most durable and lightweight components available and we strive to develop ground-breaking designs and features. Throughout this website you will discover unique and “standard setting” features that clearly establish Outfitter as an industry leader. Combining our knowledge, history, and continuous consumer feedback, we have built a foundation of quality, customer service, and product innovation unmatched in the industry. But what matters most to us is what our customers think. And from what they tell us, they think Outfitter has set a new standard for the pop-up truck camper RV. By taking a bold new step forward and embracing new technologies, new materials, and a sincere interest in what customers do with our campers, we’ve mapped a trail for Outfitter that will fuel the dreams, ambitions, and camping lifestyles of our customers for generations to come.

Our Commitment

To build one of the industry’s best pop-up truck campers for ONE reason:
So that our customers can enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest

Our History

60 years of RV manufacturing pride and tradition

Mr. Hubert Ward began an RV manufacturing tradition in 1959 with his creation of Tortuga Trailers in Corpus Christi, Texas. Moving to Lyons, Colorado several years later, Hubert began designing for Red Dale. Using the knowledge and skills acquired as a designer, he created along with Bob Hawkins, Warhawk Campers. After the sale of Warhawk, he assisted in the start-up of *Aspen Campers in Boulder, CO. But as with most entrepreneurs, Hubert was anxious to create a company all his own. In 1969, he created *hallmark, with his son Robert working beside him learning the business. With Hubert’s passing in 1983, Robert took *hallmark into his own experienced hands until he sold hallmark to his brother William in 2001.

With the sale of hallmark, Robert was eager to pass on his knowledge of manufacturing and business to the next generation. So Robert assisted his son, Brian Ward, with the creation of Outfitter Manufacturing. In a few short years, Outfitter had developed from a fledgling start-up, building campers at hallmark, to a full-scale manufacturing operation delivering truck campers around the country from its location in Longmont, Colorado. Under Brian’s leadership, Outfitter had established a reputation for designing and building lightweight, durable, and highly functional campers created from industry leading materials.

In early 2019, Monarch Crest Capital, Inc., a group led by Scott Mavis, acquired Outfitter Manufacturing. With Scott’s passion and deep experience in the outdoor recreation industry, his mission going forward is to build on the legacy that Brian Ward and his father Robert have developed, through industry-leading product design, innovation, quality, and consumer satisfaction that will continue to make Hubert Ward very proud.

*hallmark Manufacturing, Inc. and Aspen Campers are registered trademarks of hallmark Manufacturing, Inc.

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