Jesse’s Life

Life Adventures

Jesse picked up his Apex from us, and from there his life has been a steady stream of life changing adventures from Alaska to Brazil – and beyond.

Ever think about quitting your high-paying job, selling your home and possessions, and “just doing something else?” From July 2005 until February 2007, I EXPLORED. Now, I’m back in the “real” world with a set of new perspectives and a lot less money. See what happens!

“… I ended up buying a camper from a company called Outfitter Manufacturing and spent a few months parked in front of my mom’s house modifying it. Finally, on Christmas Eve, 2005, I started on the road. Since then, I’ve traveled to New England, Canada, Florida, Alaska and south to the Pacific Northwest. All this just traveling was just a warm-up, however.”

On July 22nd, I started on a 120 day RV adventure to South America – all the way to Ushuia, Argentina (the southernmost city in the world). Drove through Mexico and Central America, shipped the truck to northern Chile.