Overland to Africa

Journey through Africa!

Africa – an 8 Month Journey!

In July ’07, Peter and Jill had us ship an Outfitter Caribou to them in the UK. Where they go from there is the adventure they’ve dreamed of …

To see all of the amazing photos and to read about the action of their adventure, visit Peter and Jill’s Travel blog – click here.

Update from Peter and Jill, May ’08We finally drove down to the Cape of Good Hope almost exactly 8 months to the day since we left home in Hale Barns to begin our memorable journey and it was with a lump in our throats that we drove down to the battered coastline of the Cape the official end of our trip.

Some of our most memoriable moments were:

  • Driving through the desert in Sudan
  • Experiencing the beauty of Ethiopia
  • Christmas in Samburu NP, Kenya
  • The riots in Nairobi
  • Rafting in Uganda
  • Getting close to Mountain Gorillas in Uganda
  • Micro lighting/helicopter over Vic Falls, Zambia
  • Driving the Skeleton Coast
  • Only 2 punctures during the whole trip
  • Watching Manchester United on t.v. in some wierd and wonderful locations
  • Making many good friends along the way

Africa will always hold a place in our hearts and we could well embark on other African expeditions in the future. The people of Africa we met on this journey are proof that the human spirit still triumphs over injustice and adversity against all odds. Many have no financial resources but were very content with their lives. They are truly wonderful people.

Last but not least, many thanks for all your support and encouragement through this website and emails. We hope you enjoyed reading our blogs and looking at our pictures. At times messages from home and a good sense of humour when everything around you is going wrong are the only things that keep you sane!!!!

If any readers fancy doing the trip we are more than welcome to answer questions!!!!

We fly home on 13th May 2008.

Peter & Jill